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See-Thru Clear Fencing is dedicated to providing a frameless glass pool fence that offers uninterrupted views of your pool and garden whilst maintaining all relevant safety standards and Queensland Government regulations.

No matter how big or small the frameless glass installation, you can be rest assured the team at See-Thru Clear Fencing will collaborate with you every step of the way so as to insure the outcome of your Glass Pool Fence is perfect. Our company is based on the Sunshine Coast providing frameless glass pool fencing services to businesses and individuals.

Installing a new balcony, deck or balustrade is to offer an outdoor space with views. Enhance your balcony, deck or balustrade with uninterrupted views by using frameless glass. Whilst adding aesthetic and monetary value to your home, you can be rest assured our glass installations meet Australian Standards insuring all safety measures are met.

We understand the personal commitment in obtaining a vision that enhances your home's serenity and look, why not call for a no obligation design and quote today.


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See Thru Fencing Sunshine Coast provide full and comprehensive frameless glass pool fencing service for any Job size for individuals and businesses. Please feel free to discuss your needs with one of our friendly staff.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast
  • Frameless Glass Pool Fencing offers uninterrupted views whilst incorporating both elegance and safety. See Thru Clear Fencing utilises12mm thick toughened glass with flat polished edges giving a beautiful modular finish.

  • Stringent quality control procedures means that our frameless glass panels meet all relevant safety standards and government regulations.

  • Able to accommodate varying sizes that meet unique designs for your glass pool fence environment or frameless glass pool fencing environment.

Frameless Glass Balustrading
  • Frameless Glass Balustrades provide a fabulous aspect to any balcony system with uninterrupted views of surrounding areas.  However and justifiably so, 

  • QLD has strict requirements when it comes to the construction of Balustrades and Railings. So what is a Balustrade and when is it required? Simply put: 

  • “ A Balustrade is required when there is a difference in height from the deck or balcony to the ground of one metre or more, a Balustrade of at least one metre in height is mandatory “

  • Additionally Balustrades must be able to resist forces expected to be placed on them, for example individuals leaning against them and strong winds.

  • Handrails are also a needed with Glass Balustrading over a metre high, regulated requirement in QLD.

  • See Thru Clear Fencing uses Australian Standard Heat Soaked Balustrading Glass.  Heat Soaked is simply a further process to regular toughened glass used around the pool environment.

  • Stainless Steel Marine Grade (SS2205) Spigots ensure rigidity and strength as well providing a sophisticated line enhancing the Balustrade’s seamless look.

Frameless Glass Standoffs (Pinned Balustrading)
  • Stunning enhancement to any balcony or pool fence requirement. Stand offs or pinning are vertically mounted balustrade panels pinned to the outside of the structure. They cannot be seen from the inside of a living environment or pool structure and offer a completely seamless view. The pinning from the outside, utilising Stainless Steel Marine Grade stand off bodies and caps, creates a modern, classic look enhancing any Balustrading system

  • If you are considering fencing for your deck you cannot go past Frameless Glass, offering clear views that enhance any Sunshine Coast environment whether it be Ocean, Canal or Hinterland views. Installed correctly Frameless Glass will not only ensure all safety aspects its longevity and stunning aesthetics will ensure a beautiful aspect to any home environment.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Spigots
  • Why See Thru Clear Fencing uses SS2205 Core Drill Friction Spigots?

  • Stainless Steel SS2205 is a high performance duplex Stainless Steel that has  superior strength. SS2205 Spigots is often used in harsh marine environments and perfect for our Sunshine Coast weather.

  • The square shaped Stainless Steel Spigot not only looks smart it is significantly stronger making it a high performance spigot.

  • The 2205 Stainless Steel Spigot has excellent corrosion resistance making it very compatible to our Sunshine Coast weather.

  • This highly polished Spigot deters corrosive elements however is easily cleaned with minimal fuss.

  • It is available in Mirror or Polish Finish

  • Visually aesthetic with a slimline front profile enhancing the overall vision of the Frameless Glass Pool Fence.

  • See Thru Clear Fencing guarantee that our SS2205 Core Drill Friction Spigots meet with Australian Standards and have been tested rigorously, with compliancy certificates available.

Nano Coating for your Glass Pool Fence

Installed a new frameless glass pool fence? or want to bring back to life your existing frameless glass pool fence. See Thru Fencing recommends applying nano coating to reduce corrosion, wear and tear, staining and more. Reduce your overall time cleaning your glass pool fence and spend more time enjoying your pool. This fantastic technology will not only keep your glass fence clean it will also provide protection reducing the chance of damage to your glass panels making it more durable and longer lasting.

  • Water and Dust Repellent

  • Low cleaning and maintenance requirements

  • Retains quality of surface

  • Optically neutral, it retains a See Thru Clear vision


John & Deanna

We have recently had our entire pool and backyard area renovated and in doing so we needed to decide on a new pool fence structure.

We decided that the glass option would be the best option to complete our new renovations.

Craig came around for the initial consultation and we were extremely impressed with his attention to detail and the way he assisted us in making the right decision.

The Installation took place just a few short weeks later and the quality of the glass and fittings together with the final installation definitely exceeded our expectations.


We are extremely happy with the work completed and would be very happy to recommend Craig Owner of SEE-THRU CLEAR FENCING PTY LTD to anyone who is looking at a new glass pool/patio fence.


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